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About uxBEEZ

uxBEEZ (ux | BE | EZ) was launched in late 2013 to provide traditional creative agencies with UX oversight and mentorship while they focused on growing their own digital marketing teams. Over time, we built up our own client roster across multiple industries, including automotive, tech, healthcare, insurance, financial, and retail.

While we continue to welcome opportunities to serve companies in each of these industries, we feel that we can offer automotive and financial companies a distinct advantage with our deep B2B and B2C industry insights, learnings, and experience. 

Design Services

We offer user-centered, accessible design from wireframe/prototype to full digital creative comps for websites, apps and software (SaaS).

User Research

Depending on your budget and timeline, we offer remote and onsite usability testing and analysis. We also offer independent usability assessments of websites, apps, and software.

Brands We've Helped
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How We Work

Our client relationships are built on trust and our new business deals are predominantly through client or partner referrals. Not only will we bring deep industry insights and experience to your project, we also have a sincere desire to add value. 

We work leanly and flexibly to keep costs and project timelines in check. We also exhibit a high-degree of integrity and choose to only assist organizations who also invest in building honest, fair and accessible user experiences. 

Meredith Bezak
Founder & CEO
College Library

A lot of organizations talk about their diversity and outreach initiatives but are far removed from their efforts.


We regularly participate in opportunities to talk to students about the field of usability and how user experience design crosses many professions—from practicing medicine to mechanics.

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