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Building a website or app is a lot like building a home. You will want to have the space and features that you need right now, and the framework in place for the space and features you will need in the future. Just like with a home, a major addition or renovation can be costly, and not really suit the original structure. So, before you build, it's best to design... not just for today, but for tomorrow. Think of us as your architects.

Working Together on Project
What will you build?

We specialize in design services for user-centered, accessible websites, app and software, which often begin as wireframes or prototypes. 

Wireframes allow us to review and consider interactions prior to designing the final creative or developing (building). 

Just like building a house, you wouldn't start without the blueprints. 

Changes to wireframes can be rapidly applied, saving time and money. 

B_W Website Design Wireframe Examples Of Web And Mobile Wireframe Sketches Printable..jpg

To create effective, well-designed wireframes we should have a good idea of the following:

  • The goals or needs of the experience we are designing; what does success look like?

  • Details about the target audience or users, whether current or intended

  • Available content we can include, if any, such as imagery, copy (text), video, tools or other assets

  • Metrics and key performance indicator (KPI) reports of your current system, if applicable

  • Development limitations, including timeline

Wireframe and prototyping tools 
we use and recommend:

adobe xd logo.jfif
A close-up of an architectural blue print with black and white details, marked by measurem
3 Extra Steps that Save Time and Money
Image by Surface

1. Journey Mapping

The first step in good design, is agreeing how users interact with your product and service and identify all of their touchpoints. It's also a great way to identify future needs and planning for future technology and touchpoints.


This exercise is ideal during the early research stage as well as during a product's evolution.

Woman Shopping

2. Competitive Analysis

Understanding how your users interact with competitor websites, apps, and tools is helpful in understanding what minimum functionality users might expect. It can also help you identify what you can offer to set your brand apart—not just from a usability perspective, but from a marketing perspective, too.


This exercise is ideal during the early research stage as well as during a product's evolution.

Computer with Graph

3. Usability Assessment

The advice of a usability expert can prove invaluable. Usability assessments can be performed on navigation, a single page, or across an entire customer/user journey. You will receive unbiased insights about numerous areas of your user experience that may be lacking in usability or appeal. 


This exercise is ideal both before and after a redesign; you can also assess creative comps and prototypes before you build.

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